Asperger's syndrome and autism

Living life on the autistic spectrum

Asperger's syndrome was recognised by Hans Asperger in the 1940's. Over time it has sometimes been seen as a separate condition from Autism, but at others it has been regarded as part of the autistic spectrum continuum, with a strong overlap with high functioning autism. Regardless of those issues, both Asperger's and Autism have a huge impact on social communication and function.

Individuals and their families can have a mixed reaction to diagnosis- it can bring relief or further anxiety. You may wonder what the future holds. I've been on that journey too, both personally - as a parent and a friend - and professionally. This means I've had to make sense of some of the jargon around this area and link the theory into practice. I've been fortunate to gain insights from many people along the way.

Regardless of whether you have an official diagnosis, or are just wondering about this, I can help you make sense of the situation. If you have a loved one affected by this diagnosis, I can offer you support as you come to terms with the diagnosis and what that means for you.