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Client Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying

"It has helped me to clarify my thoughts. As a result I feel better about myself - more empowered and in control of my feelings and actions. Thank-you to Joanna for all her help, advice and support. Her help and advice has had a major influence on my progress."

“ Very positive, definitely helped me to let go of some things. Also it made me more aware of other issues and I have had the chance to talk through these issues in a safe environment. I feel like I have the tools now which I will be able to use and move forward."

Having been a Police Officer for what was then a quarter of a century and having being exposed to horrendous incidents some of which you would not believe one human can inflict on another my mental health started to decline.

It was a gradual  process, I had become an expert and known as being the go to person , I could sort out everyone’s problems and I denied I was suffering and had my own problems.

Over the years I became more  and more withdrawn at home , snappy , unhelpful and my family suffered , It got to the point I even avoided going to the local shops or sometimes getting out of bed.

I had dark thoughts about no longer being here and one day I tried getting out of bed after yet another sleepless night and thought enough was enough.

There came a day when  I started a long and slow process of change.

I was signed off work with depression and anxiety and started counselling at work.

This was going well but the counsellor I was seeing retired and I was left in the unfortunate position of not having a counsellor.

It was then that not wanting to go into decline again I approached Joanna and carried on weekly counselling  sessions with her that I found comforting  , helpful and I’m in no doubt put me back on the road to recovery.

I was still extremely anxious , depressed and ashamed at myself thinking I was no longer good enough to do the job I loved.

With encouragement, turning my thought process around and giving me techniques to combat anxiety and depression I managed to change my role within the Police to one I am far happier doing.

I have got my confidence back , Yes I do get days where I feel down , (You’re very lucky if you don’t ).

But I now  have skills learnt from Joanna’s counselling to keep striving forward.

I would highly recommend Joanna’s counselling to anyone. If she could help me , with the way I was she can help anyone.

 I worked with Joanna for a short series of CBT sessions in 2021 and saw positive results. I leaarned different relaxation techniques which help me combat the stress of living with a chronic illness.

“I feel I have come such a long way in such a short space of time and this has been as a result of Joanna and her hard work. She identified my focus areas and one by one I have dealt with them all and now feel ready for the next chapter of my life .”

As a mother of a teenager with Asperger's we have faced many difficulties over the years and have mostly muddled through.
 But the latest incident had really affected him and he wasn't prepared to talk to me about it. Increasingly desperate, I contacted Joanna who has experience with teens, depression and ASC. 
After the initial meeting I was very doubtful that he would open up to her, but thankfully he did. He slowly seemed to gain confidence, personal and social understanding. Friends and family comment on how much calmer he is now and I know he is happier with himself.
I'd like to thank Joanna for being there, for her patience, understanding and kindness that saw my son through a very frightening and dark time.

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