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Grow with JB Counselling

Walking with you on your journey ...

So.....why counselling?

Does counselling work?

That's a very good question! You may have been finding things tricky for a while and are starting to wonder if things will ever change. You might think you're beyond help, or have almost got used to struggling. Or before you commit your time and energy to this, you want to know what evidence is there that this type of therapy works. The good news is that evidence shows that counselling does work -for example NICE guidelines now recognise that counselling can be as effective as CBT or medication for in helping someone who is struggling with depression.

Isn't counselling just a bit weird? 

Yes, the idea of going along to a complete stranger and telling them lots of personal stuff and sharing your feelings can sound a bit different - especially if you've spent some time trying to keep your emotions in check and saying 'I'm fine' if anyone asks. However, that's the great thing about counselling - you get a safe space to talk through all the things that are on your mind, in the way you feel suits you. And as you engage in the process, that's when change can start...

What happens in a counselling session?

Because clients and their counsellors are all individuals there is no set way of how things happen. I'll try and give you a sense of what might happen if you decide to 'meet' me.

Usually we meet together for an informal assessment so we can decide whether we want to work together, and what you might want to work on. We also cover practical issues such as timing of sessions, confidentiality etc.

Since COVID-19, I continue to offer sessions via Skype, Zoom, telephone or email.

It's up to you what you bring to counselling, and I won't pressurise you to talk about anything in particular. We'll decide together about what we are going to work on and how. 

The therapeutic process doesn't just happen in the counselling session - you may find yourself reflecting on things at other times, or I may ask you to do some 'homework' in between sessions.

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