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Seize the day...and smell the coffee !

Or maybe that should be re titled as 'Seize the day...and taste the blackberry!'...

So this morning I started my day earlier than usual. On the radio I heard Chris Packham encouraging everyone to get up 15 minutes earlier, and saying if we all did that how many more hours there would be to be spent differently. His example was about being out in nature and collective action on behalf of the environment.

That is a really good reason in itself - we need to respond to the ecological crisis. Mine however, wasn't quite so worthy.

I was intent on being an 'Intrepid Explorer' and going off on 'an Adventure'.

Okay, there's a limit to how much of an adventure you can have on a Tuesday morning. To put this in a bit more context - last night I was reading some of 'Ice Cream for Breakfast' which is all about reconnecting with our inner child.

The author really encourages us to live in the moment and do things differently. Instead of being in sensible adult mode they encourage us to be more playful and spontaneous in our approach to life. Of course we can't do that all the time, but it's really good to change things a bit. Leaving the house early this morning, I did really feel I was doing something a bit different and carefree :)

It was a great time to be out. I got to see rabbits in the fields, watch various farm animals and spot a butterfly or two. I got in some early morning exercise which helped me just connect and ground myself better for the day ahead. I was reminded of doing this kind of thing years ago - my dad and I used to take our dog for a walk in the early morning, and I loved being a nature detective then. So I did that a bit too - Detective Joanna was busy looking for signs of seasonal change. I could see the leaves on a hawthorn bush were already turning an autumnal orange shade as well as spotting elderberries beginning to ripen. I also found some blackberries...

Needless to say, I had a few blackberries for breakfast :) It was definitely a good little adventure, and I'd really like to encourage you to switch things about a bit...maybe #icecreamforbreakfast or even #blackberriesforbreakfast #wellbeing #mindfulness #grounding

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