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Time to talk...

So today is known as 'Time to talk' day. This is promoted by many organisations, notably including 'Time to Change' and one of the key messages on this day, is that it really is okay to talk about mental health. Sometimes, this can be really tricky. If we are worried about someone's mental health we may be worried about how to talk to them about it - we are maybe worried about upsetting them, or saying the wrong thing, or even making them feel worse. If we are the person who is struggling, we can be really scared about opening up and being honest about how we are feeling. We may think we will come across as weak or pathetic, or we might not want to worry or alienate the other person.

All too often as a counsellor, and in my life generally, I come across people who are really struggling to reach out to others for all kinds of reasons. It can be tricky to start the conversation, but often, just starting that conversation is the turning point for that individual. So, however you do that today, whether it's with a coffee or a tea, whether it's an old friend or a work-mate, in the gym or in the office, have the conversation. Make time to talk. Let's help to reduce the stigma about talking about mental health.

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